I am a travel agent and I feel that I expect certain things from both the company I am traveling with as well as the tour leader allocated to the trip. Both of these aspects for me were greatly exceeded and I will never (nor have I ever) had any reservations when recommending Indie’s Adventures to my clients.

Indika literally knew everything. Any question that we asked, any situation that arose, nothing was too much for him. He did it all with a beautiful smile and fabulous sense of humour. I cannot express the experience that Indi gave me in words that are high enough to describe him. He went above and beyond in so many ways and he is one one the most beautiful souls that I have ever had the honour of coming across. If he could plan all of my trips, I would let him without hesitation. His methods for everything were smooth and concise and he managed expectations brilliantly.

Thank you for having such an amazing person in Sri Lanka. I would be making sure any passenger I had travelling to Sri Lanka was able to meet this gorgeous human!