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My Story

I'm a real person, living a wonderful life in captivating Sri Lanka

Why choose me?

I'm not a large team, nor do I operate solely from behind a computer. Instead, I'm a real person, living a wonderful life in captivating, entrancing Sri Lanka. Travelling is my life – I continuously look for exclusive, tailored experiences for my travellers, ensuring no two trips are exactly the same.

Authentic, unmatched local knowledge

I’ll share with you places and experiences you would not have found without my inside knowledge. How about an introduction to Sri Lankan cooking in the home of a local family? Or a sightseeing tour through local villagers on a bicycle? Or an afternoon spent with the local tea pickers in the hill country?

Understanding of western travel expectations

I understand and appreciate the importance of home comforts. Simple pleasures that people don’t always associate with Sri Lanka. Such as, hot water for a shower at the end of a long day, air conditioning to keep you cool during the humid nights and an English speaking driver who communicates clearly.

Fastidious personal attention to detail

I know there’s so much more to see and experience in Sri Lanka than the standard stops in your guidebook. With my local knowledge, language and connections, you can be content in the knowledge that a safe, comfortable and exciting experience awaits freeing you to experience authentic Sri Lanka.

From humble beginnings

Back in 2006 after my graduation, I decided to dedicate myself to the tourism industry since I have a great passion for it. I love travelling, exploring, and meeting people, and find it interesting to share my experience about my country, its people and the life we enjoy here in Sri Lanka. Having worked with reputed international travel companies and the research and experience gathered through these pioneers in the travel industry, I have been able to gain valuable knowledge to make my own style of tours.


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